Forging Division

Forging Division


Introducing ForgeOnce, the recently formed & hugely popular forging division of SBA. This 'Defence Approved' forging unit was founded in 2015 and our forging repertoire includes, but isn't limited to, the following material specifications:

  • NAB NES 833
  • CA104
  • SS316
  • SS321 (08X)
  • AB1
  • Monal
  • CuproNickel
  • GOST

We specialize in closed & open die hot forging with multiple seasoned veterans manning our presses.

Our clientele includes industry powerhouses from the Railways, Navy, & Automobile sectors.


Located at a stone's throw from our foundry, ForgeOnce is a self-sustained, independent functioning unit with a production capacity of 1.5 Tonnes per shift.Currently operating in 3 round the clock shifts this unit can churn out 4.5 Tonnes per day grossing 100 Tonnes per month.

Our machine footprint is as follows:

  • Half Tonne Hammer
  • 200 Tonne Upstroke Screw Press
  • 200 Tonne Downstroke Screw Press
  • 75 Tonne Trimming Press
  • 40 KV Induction Furnace
  • 200 Kg Oil Fire Furnace

Die development facility available with short lead times. In-house tool & die repair facility available.

Dedicated die storage with space to house 250-400 (rotation) dies in-house.

Product Line

Components that are currently being forged are nipples, sleeves, flanges, hex nuts, worm wheels, T-piece, yoke sleeves, junk rings & glands.






Nipples Sleeves


Hex Nuts


Yoke Sleeves